Become a Better Manager by Using Corporate Trophies and Awards

Posted on: 28 January 2016

In today's highly competitive world, employees are constantly looking for better work, more pay and more satisfying working conditions.  If you want to retain your employees and gain a reputation as the manager to work for, the answer may lie in how and when you give out corporate trophies and awards. Yesterday's employee of the month and other awards now seem out of date and simply don't work anymore. These can seem like just another bureaucratic process – something that the company feels an obligation to do. This results in employees feeling like they are not really valued at all. Here's how to become the coolest manager ever.

Be Heart-Felt

Employees can see through phony smiles and attitudes. Be genuine in your praise and don't forget to smile. You don't have to become best friends with your employees (and in fact you shouldn't) but they need to know that you genuinely care and think they deserve the award. Just a few kind words will go a long way to making sure your employees stick around.

Give Immediate Recognition

If your employee did something yesterday that deserves kudos, then make sure you award them today. This means that you need to keep an eye on what's going on in your department and know what your employees are doing. No, you don't have to spy on them, but you do need to be aware of the department's climate. If someone deserves an award, make sure it gets handed out as soon as possible.

Recognize When to Go Public

If you have introverted employees, they may not appreciate a group huddle with clapping and public recognition. Be sensitive to those who would rather be awarded in private. Stay tuned in to your employees' personalities. Know who gets the raw raw treatment and who doesn't.

Fit the Award with the Achievement

An employee who provides excellent customer service on a regular basis may deserve a bigger reward than say, someone who arrives to work on time for 10 consecutive days. There are a number of corporate trophies and awards you can have on hand, from large trophies, to medals, to small certificates that you can personalize.

Corporate trophies and awards are inexpensive, help boost morale within the organization and give employees motivation to work harder and provide better performance. Handing out awards is a great way to elevate your status from dull manager to cool. To find corporate trophies and awards, visit professionals like Scotia Engraving.