Using Framing to Make a Small Picture More Eye-Catching

Posted on: 24 May 2018

Carefully selected photographs and works of art should catch the eye wherever they're displayed, able to draw attention even when there are other distractions nearby. In most cases, the right picture stands out perfectly well on its own, perhaps with a little bit of care over where you display it and what else is nearby.

One frequent exception, however, is when you have something small that you want to frame and display. Diminutive photos, paintings or prints can be lost in their surroundings, especially if there are larger pieces in the same room. With the right framing, however, those little pictures can get the attention they deserve. Here are some tips to get your frame and its contents noticed.

Use a mount to create extra space

If you want your frame to snugly surround the edges of your picture, you're stuck with something that's not going to end up much bigger. If you use a mount, however, you can change this significantly.

How much distance you put between the frame and its contents is up to you. Even a subtle distance can work well to increase how noticeable the picture is, but you can get away with a much bigger frame if you're feeling experimental.

Choose an ornate frame

Old-fashioned, ornately carved frames might seem inappropriate for small pictures, but they can actually be extremely effective. They're particularly useful if you want to make sure their contents get noticed.

They tend to work better in more simple rooms than in those filled with decorations, but ornate frames can certainly make a single small picture stand out among larger ones with plain frames.

Create a contrast with the room's colours

Colour is useful when you're trying to draw attention to something, but people are often tempted to do this by choosing bright, loud colours. This can sometimes create the wrong effect, however, and isn't even as effective as it could be.

Instead of choosing colours on the basis of how bright or unusual they are, frame your small picture in a colour that stands out against the rest of the room. Pay particular attention to the colour of your walls and carpeting, and also bear in mind any other pictures or ornaments present.

Frame a collection together

If you feel a single small picture will get lost in a room, you could consider putting several together in a single frame. This is usually best with a mount to create a distance to the edge of the frame that matches the distance between pictures.

You might have several similar works of art that can complement each other in a single frame. Otherwise, with photographs, personal significance and the links you can see between them are often more important. Try out different combinations and see what works best.

Contact a custom framing company for additional advice.